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Hello guys,

i'll make it quick and painless ... I never thought that im gonna say this words, but it's time for me to quit H1Z1 and move on after almost 2 incredible and successful years. For those who don't like me, it's time to just close my Tweet now! - For everyone who is interested for the motive behind my decision and my future plans feel free to stay, i try my best to explain it.

As many people know i'm not only streaming for money i mainly play to become one of the best, it was my dream to participate in the H1Z1 Pro League. My dream to become a Professional Player was almost within reach - I had a few offers of very popular Organizations but sadly the Split 2 of H1Z1 PL got canceled and no contracts were made. It really hurt me because months of grinding Scrims (also NA Scrims) was for nothing.

In that time i tried my best to motivate myself somehow to keep on grinding. I was always positive about updates and when "everyone" left i was still there and kept grinding for my Dream and for my Community - I also don't want to disappoint them, of course. BUT ... from time to time, i realized that i almost lost all my motivation to keep on grinding for my Dream, because i simply had no goal.

I know that alot of people gonna say: "YO KUBA, why don't you quit the game earlier? monkaS" but believe it or not, i do not regret any second of it! I grew up a great fucking community, met tons of awesome people, got Partnered with Twitch, H1 gave me and my Community an own Hosted Game Server, I won alot of tournaments and money and as some guys already know i found my love (No ... Not only H1Z1 i found a girlfriend).

As I am writing this, i already miss the great time i had with you guys. I really want to thank the whole H1Z1 community it was a good run. A big thanks goes to every competitive player i respect everyone who is grinding hard for his dream!
A special thanks goes to my Team S1 and for their loyalty and support through my whole time. They always took care about my stream and have been really understanding! I love you and i will miss you Crizzpy, Smexy, Tim_Z1, Duncanofficial and BredOG <3
I also want to say a HUGE thanks to my german community, i have a special Tweet for you guys in german! :)

I would like to end by saying that, im gonna move on to Fortnite and see what the future brings. It may not be the smartest decision but it's the best decision for me, for my gaols and for my motivation. It'll still be possible to see me in a DUO lobby with Queentoxic or test the newest updates of H1Z1 on Stream for you guys but for now it's a quit for me.

Thank you very much for reading.